Hello, I am working on this non profit GUI project and need to make a high-fidelity prototype with the graphics I created. Most of my experience was in web design and i usually used Axure RP pro for making prototypes which works great for web but this GUI is clearly for a video game and thus some of the way menus work are a bit more sophisticated and "flashy" so I decided to use well, flash. Thing is I have very little experience with the action script side of flash and i just need to get a working prototype out asap, I don't have to make anything work perfectly, just enough to get the point across

My question is on this rotating item select panel. How would i go about using those glowing orange arrows to rotate the whole set of items around the "equip" button when pressed? and how would I program each item to scale up when it snaps as the selected item? And of course the stats change when the item snaps as well.

I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided on this.