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    Combo Box Text Size

    I am trying to use the flash Slideshow Pro extension to create a photo gallery, however the text size in the combo box is way to small. Is there any way to alter the text size inside the combo box?
    I am using CS4 and actionscript 3 (although I can change this to version 2 through the Slideshow extension). If any one can help with a solution and as I am a complete idiot) make any answer easy enough for me to understand.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Try this code, with a combobox on stage instance name of cBox
    PHP Code:
    var comboTextFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

    comboTextFormat.color 0x333333;
    comboTextFormat.size 12;
    //comboTextFormat.bold = true;
    //comboTextFormat.leftMargin = 2;

    cBox.width 200;
    cBox.rowCount 6;
    cBox.dropdownWidth 200;
    cBox.prompt "My Combobox";

    for (var 
    i:int 010i++)
    cBox.addItem({label:"Number: " idata:"Number: " i});

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