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Thread: Flash game Greenlit, need someone to make wrapper for Steam API! (Paid)

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    Smile Flash game Greenlit, need someone to make wrapper for Steam API! (Paid)

    Hello fellow developers!

    Our game Castle just got Greenlit yesterday and we would really like to integrate some nice Steam features like leaderboards and achievements, etc. The problem is their Steamworks SDK is in C++, and the only programming language I know is AS3.
    I'm aware we can convert our game to AIR and there is already a wrapper for Steamworks for AIR, but I don't even know how to convert a flash game to AIR in the first place, and we would really like to benefit from the Holiday frenzy so we would need this to be done quite fast! (if that's possible, since we're not sure at what pace Steam releases new games, but the sooner the better anyway)

    I believe we have two options:
    1. Create a C++ wrapper for our existing projector file (.exe), or .swf file, if that is possible?
    2. Wrap our game in AIR, then use a Steamworks wrapper for AIR like this one (https://github.com/Oldes/FRESteamWorks)

    In either case we would rather pay someone to do it for us. We would also need you to assist us to let us know what code we need to include in our game (in AS3) to communicate with the wrapper so that the scores, achievements and other stats are successfully sent to Steam.

    If you think you can help us with that please let us know. (we'll discuss pricing with you in private)
    We're looking for someone who is professional, fast and if possible who has already worked with Steamworks before.

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    Have you figured this one out?

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