Okay, imma gonna make this thread because it's 2015 and you guys keep using it because there is sh1tload of tutorials in google - you need to stop it, really. Of course, AS2 did not magically stop working, and you can still create content with AS2, but consider this:

  1. AS2 is slow. AS3 was faster since day 1, and AS2 still runs on VM that was not updated for years.
  2. AS2 lacks features that you might need one day - those were only made available throgh new VM (AS3).
  3. AS2 is not supported by Flash IDE since 2012 (over 2 years now). You know it can't be good sign, don't you.
  4. AS2 content cannot be brought to mobiles. AS3 content can be published as AIR app on both iOS and Android.
  5. In my circles, I saw significant drop of interest towards AS3. Which means there is even less demand for AS2. Any effort you put to build AS2 skills will be in vain.

I am not particulary interested to discuss this, but of course feel free to comment Mods, I beg you, put this as a sticky post or something. People have no clue