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Thread: Photoshop Error. Can't open PSD

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    Photoshop Error. Can't open PSD

    I have a problem with opening up a .psd file. It says "Could not complete your request because the file is empty". I was working on an Art project and save the file. Well I restarted my Mac and went to open it and that came up. I wasn't having problems before but now I don't know what to do.

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    Instructions which can help you:

    1) Open Photoshop.
    2) Press and hold "Alt," "Control" and "Shift" at the same time as the program launches.
    3) Select the option to delete all current settings. All the preferences and settings you have altered will be returned to their original default.
    4) Close all applications and navigate to your Photoshop plug-in folder. The location of this will depend on the version of Windows you're using. If you're using a 32-bit edition, you'll find it at "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS4/Plug-Ins." If you're using a 64-bit edition, you'll find it either at "C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS4/Plug-Ins" or "C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS4/Plug-Ins."
    5) Select any plug-ins not published by Adobe and follow the instructions to remove them.
    6) Visit the Photoshop update page to search for and apply updates for the version you're using.
    7) Relaunch Photoshop and test it.

    As alternative solutions might be presented...
    http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum...ge-in-psd-file - ask questions and read various cases of .psd file corruption
    https://www.repairtoolbox.com/photoshoprepair.html Photoshop Repair Toolbox - one of the tools provided restoration of corrupted .psd files

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