okay. I got a Dynamic text box with a variable set. It works fine. I add text to the variable (which is _root based) and it appears.

Now.. I attached a movieclip (via _root.attachMovie) and now, the Text box doesn't want to display the text. add a bit of code to target the text box (via _level0 cause _root doesn't wanna do it) and the text variable of the textbox does fill out, but the box doesn't want to display the text still.. the Box DOES appear though.. that is comfirmed..

Sadly, I can't sent the fla for anyone to check.. annoying I know but still.. No masking should be being done with the text so that shouldn't do much. I've tried changing the font and colour and that does nothing. debugging shows text should be there but it's not.

Code that targets and changes the frame of the movieclip which the textbox is in work fine so.. i'm running out of ideas..