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Thread: Is the correct size to design a page 800x600? HELP

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    What is the correct size to design web pages at. I've heard so much but don't know the reasoning behind all of it. I realize lot's of people have their screen set at 800x600, thus being important that you design at that size. If this is the case is it exactly 800x600 or is it somewhat smaller to compinsate for browswer and scrolling bars, ect. Anyone have a point of view on this. thanks

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    hey shamrock.
    well joen - one of the fk mods - has some info on this issue you are inquiring about.
    here's the printable version of the url b/c his site is in frames.
    check out the chart.
    760x420 - not sure though.

    to see his flashguide go to:

    hope this helps.

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    Yup that's correct, 760 wide, to account for the 20 pixel scroll bar as well as the 5 or so border and a bit of whitespace in netscape, for height, you can't design for that because somepeople use the 2 high task bar and some use the url bar + links + forward, back, etc. bar which can be over 200 pixels of space the user takes up... so it's best to do about 420-540 (540 is what I use)

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    I meant to get to this post the other day, but something came up.

    Probably my favorite web design resource site is Webmonkey, there is some excellent information there. I've printed the majority of the stuff on their site and keep it in a notebook wherever I am.

    Specifically related to design sizes, there is a full chart that is so valuable to have.


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    Thank you everyone for your help. Without you guys "newbies" would be lost.

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