Since I'm using voice acting for the first time ever I don't wanna run the risk of hitting the frame limit in flash 8, you know the limit once you hit flash refuses to add anymore to the animation. I hit that once when trying to make a youtube ver of a animation and it caused me to cancel that version. So for this animation I added a scene 2, you know what scenes are if you use flash 8.

But ever since starting Scene 2 Flash 8 WON'T STOP PAUSING!!!!!! DX How can I animate when flash 8 keeps pausing to load? I know it's loading as it freezes when my mouse arrow does the loading icon, now closing and restart flash 8 can at times fix this for a few minutes but at random it'll start pausing to load again and WON'T STOP pausing until I reclose flash 8, had to do that like 3 or 4 times in the pan of 2 mins this morning...yesterday I drew all day without issue so I know it has to be the Scene 2 causing this in the animation.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I am really getting very very annoyed at trying to finish a months old animation, just to close and restart because flash 8 won't stop pausing to load. I could copy and paste everything back to Scene 1 and just hope to God I don't hit the frame limit, but don't wanna do that but Idk why flash 8 keeps pausing to load like 50 times a hour while animating this after making Scene 2. If anyone can help, please do so. This animation has been in the works for months and need to finish, and this pausing to load issue is really becoming my final straw. XD

Sorry if I sound mad, but you try animating when flash 8 pauses to load 1000 times a day and your forced to stop, close and then reopen and hope top God you can animate for at least a minute before it pauses to load again.