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Thread: 3d wireframe...

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    what is the quickest way, or maybe what is the best app to take artwork (vector or raster) and convert it to a 3d wireframe. i'm NOT looking to do this for real 3d work like in Maya or 3dStudioMax. i am just looking to get some of the simple 3d wireframes that you see in some of the flash and things like that. I specifically need to turn a few fonts into the wireframe model...


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    ya wanna know something i import the stuff in to poser and take it from there reletivly easy

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    well, if you can do text in poser, i've never done it... it's cool. i'm messing with it in 3dstudio max
    thanks though.

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    Have you looked into swift3d? that's more geared towards simple 3d stuff, can export as wireframe, export as a swf, use text, etc. I personally think it was designed by monkeys (as in no square shape creator, you have to go through this long obnoxious process just to make a ****ing square.) But it's still really easy to use.
    If you haven't you should look into it. (relatively inexpensive too.)

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