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Thread: 3D models in your broswer? (Solidworks and Three.js)?

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    3D models in your broswer? (Solidworks and Three.js)?

    (I Posted this same question in the css/javascript forum, but might be better suited here?)

    I have practically ZERO 3D experience...

    That being said, I have seen others use (I believe)

    Three.js and/or Three.js and Angular.js to display 3D models that can be interacted with (limited).

    Does anyone have any Three.js experience? Tips/Tricks to pass on?

    I believe the models originated from Solidworks.. what is the best option/format to export to, to be used in this Angular/Three.js platform?

    I have READ about JSON.. but also about exporting to .OBJ as well? (not sure if either is possible with Solidworks?)

    Any suggestions, discussion, tips/tricks/... links/tuts is appreciated. Gerbs??

    thanks gang!

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    never heard of a broswer hope someone can help
    Adobe racey me

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    is browser

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    half a year later @whispers probably knows everything he needed to know and can hand out tips himself.

    but, in case anyone else needs to know, obj is pretty ok when it's small. for larger models, json is also larger than obj but at the same time it is decoded natively by JSON.parse and so no costly string manipulations...

    for tuts, you normally end up there after good google query, but if you have none to paste into google, start at http://threejs.org/examples
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    im posting some 3d .fla models here with previews if you want to do it in swf: https://rpguy.weebly.com/
    Adobe racey me

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    You should keep all your posts I one area , make your own section.

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