Hi everyone. I come here with a question about a problem of mine.
I had a PC and I've been animating with it for about two years. Now I bought a laptop.
I connect my pad to it.
It works perfectly in Paint. Same in any other program I use for drawing
But in Adobe Flash CS3 (my main animation program) it doesn't.
And here's why:
I hate the press and hold=right-click feature; however, when I enable it, I can draw anything, except short lines which are extremely important for me. So I disable the feature: I can't draw at all.
I can do it with mouse and with the laptop's pad, touching the drawing pad, but not with the pen. If I try to draw any line, it shows me a point from where I start and that's it; no matter how much I move the pen above the pad, it remains a tiny, smooth-less dot. If I move my mouse, I can draw freely. But with the pen, never.
I really need help. I want to animate with that ugly feature disabled, but I can't. With it, I can't draw short lines. For the computer, it works perfectly.It's not the pad not working well(As I said, for other programs it works). Here it has this issue. I hope you understand what's my problem. If you need additional information, ask. Thank you.