Dear Forum-members,
Im not that experienced in ActionScript, but I need to program an easy Actionscript project for a kind of arts-project.
As some of you already infered by my username, I'm a Java programmer, but never used ActionScript before (only start() stop() ).
I got a map as scalable vector graphics and want to zoom when you click on specified areas. After zooming you can see some other content(a picture for example) and a back-Button, which let the content disappear and zoom out of the map. I already have the basical structure. Frame 1 has the script to 'stop()' and some invisible buttons above the places you can click on. When your mouse hovers there has to be some optical feedback that you can interfer with the map here(?). After pressing a button the swf will jump to Frame 5 where the map should zoom to a given point on the map (like a invisible point or coordinates) for 2 secs and stop(). After clicking the back-button there's a simple 'play()'. It zooms back and then jumps to frame 1 (where the whole map with invisble buttons is located).
I hope you could follow and give me assistance
Greets from Germany
Anton Kettling