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Thread: PAID Build lite duty motion tracker in Flash, then AIR that sucker to Android

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    PAID Build lite duty motion tracker in Flash, then AIR that sucker to Android

    Hi. I'm working in a science lab and have government money for a contractor. We make video games for animals.

    We are having serious issues finding Unity and Java devs who are good with using the camera and integrating pretty art assets for cutefactor, but the Flash developers can do it. Hi there, Flash Developer!

    So... despite Flash "dying" we're going to try and port a Flash motion tracker to Android. Probably not Steam wrapper...YET.

    Request: Looking to track motion, and only register motion if bounding box of contrast change is within user set pixel area. Add some frills and loops to this concept as described below.

    Something like this...
    Start program. Set pixel detection area, probably with adorable GUI (like click picture of a birdie or bunny of the size the bounding box should be.) Set time, in minutes motion detection will run ("X"), and time that motion detection will pause. ("Y").
    Screen sparkles with stars or rainbows or other over the top shiny crap.
    As motion is tracked, a progress meter of motion tracking increases. Some cute particle effects or other shinies during progress bar increase would be swell.
    When progress bar is filled, sound event is triggered (play sound from library). Screen pulses with brightness and maybe another variety of sparkle.
    Then, restart, but progress bar fills more slowly per amount of continuous motion detected.
    If progress bar does not fill after 5 minutes, return to progress bar fill rate level one.
    After X minutes, the progress bar slides off-screen, screen goes to black for value Y minutes.
    After Y minutes, gut wrenchingly over the top sparkles return indicating game is back on.

    If you are good at data handling, we'd love a report of motion tracking statistics to be sent to an email or as a local file. We can talk on that one. And pay you more.
    If you are crap at art assets, we can provide them.

    Time Frame: A couple weeks (or you tell us, I mean, maybe you have some awesome better approach) Starting in early June. (That's when the Government lets us spend the money.)
    Price range: Open / Contact me for details, we have a real budget and are willing to negotiate per hour, or total project fee at finish, or upfront down-payment then remainder of total at delivery.
    Contact Info: gryphus {at} t a m u. edu
    Additional Notes: Some sort of proof you can make the bitmap and camera objects work in Android would get you hired, otherwise we would pay for skeleton version as proof of concept then move forward to full project.

    I am subscribed to this thread, so feel free to reply here if you'd prefer that.

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    > We make video games for animals.

    amazing )

    > Looking to track motion

    it would be equally easy to do in flash as it would be in javascript (for any browser that supports webrtc)

    I would be happy to collaborate on such fun stuff, maybe talk to me on skype omnis-determinatis-est-negatis
    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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