Wow. In a few days, I will have celebrated 16 years here. Some others before me have already done so. Funny how something that started out as a hobby, became part of my livelihood and helped me segue into other areas of my professional life... and it all started here for the most part.

It led to a few books, one I was actually listed as a co-author and many others as a unlisted technical writer; made many connections and a few long-lasting friendships and audiences with companies that I'd never thought would heed a word that I had to say to long-standing projects (found out one project I did in 2010 is still in use today!) that have included members that were far smarter than I ever could have been to resolve and complete those aforementioned projects.

16 friggin' years... wow. Anyway, thought I'd share while reminiscing and in anticipation of my 16th year anniversary. Wow indeed.