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Thread: Is the PS4 Pro Sony's next gen offering?

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    Is the PS4 Pro Sony's next gen offering?

    "The PS4 Pro won’t offer an immediate benefit to PlayStation VR"

    What a fail. I'm starting to think Sony's hubris might be their downfall for next gen. By focusing so much on shoehorning VR to work with the aging PS4, they kind of blew it by ignoring what was next. It seems that the PS4 Pro won't even be fully utilized until perhaps mid 2017.

    I'm starting to think the PS4 Pro will be Sony's 'next gen console'. It would be crazy to launch a PS5 next year or even 2018. By that time Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio will have an established 1 year existence within the next gen market, with the Xbox being the graphics/VR powerhouse. Generally all companies have launched their newest consoles within a year of each other.

    What do you guys think?

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    well what console have you made

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    give them thetime, they not change as many as mobile phone at least, you can still play the game with old ps and xbox.

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