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Thread: Display Urdu/Arabic text through XML?

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    Display Urdu/Arabic text through XML?

    I am facing problem to display Urdu/Arabic text in flash using xml.
    We read and write Urdu/Arabic text from right to left.
    I have created xml which display correct Urdu/Arabic text in browser window.
    When I try to parse the xml having Urdu/Arabic text, it displays the text in reverse order i.e. from left to right.

    Please suggest me solution/tip for this or any other way to work around.

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    I know they fixed this in Flash 10 - but that's probably not a good solution for you right now...I don't know anything about the language but if it's as simple as reversing the string, you could use Grant Skinner's string utilities...here's the specific function:

    PHP Code:
    public static function reverse(p_string:String):String {
        if (
    p_string == null) { return ''; }

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    hello ravindxt
    can you tell me how i can display arabic letter correctly.
    i can display them in computer, but when i publish my project to .apk and instal it in my smartphone, it appear from left to right.

    thank you ravindxt

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    olwan, unfortunately adobe does not care about rtl. once upon the time tlf was supposed to replace classic text fields, and bring rtl support, but now tlf is deprecated, and you have to resolve to hacks, I think.
    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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