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Thread: Free Resource Forum Rules

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    Post Free Resource Forum Rules

    This is a new forum (as of January, 2017) where we will allow people to share resources with others. Because sharing tends to cause a few questions and issues. As such, we've set a few rules:

    If providing resources:

    • Resources must be completely free for non-commercial and commercial use.
    • You must own the resources you are sharing and you must have the rights to share it.
    • You are giving people on this forum and the site a non-exclusive license to use the resource in any way they desire. This is non-revocable.
    • We will allow links in this forum as long as they go to a resource that is completely free (require no money or the giving of information)
    • You agree to not upload a resource item more than once.
    • You agree to optimize resources that are uploaded.
    • You agree to check any uploaded or linked resources for malware or other bad things.
    • You agree that those downloading or using your resource(s) can include them part of a site, application, or other product that is offered for sale with no compensation to you.
    • You agree that the image is rated PG or less. Uploading, sharing, or linking to inappropriate resources will cause your account to be ban.

    If using resources:

    • You agree to give credit to the author
    • You agree to not sell resources pulled from this site. You can sell solutions created using the resource.
    • You agree to not post resources taken from this site onto other resource directory sites.

    And of course, Flashkit reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

    New threads will be moderated before going live.

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    You must own the resources you are sharing
    So no 3rd party site links?
    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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    Quote Originally Posted by realMakc View Post
    So no 3rd party site links?
    To clarify:

    If you are providing a link, that's fine. If you are uploading a resource, you must own the resource.

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    great idea

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    yes is good idea, i get all music from here now when people post

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