I am developing a mobile app in flash.
A programmer created a template for me and I use the template over and over to create scenes including graphics, sound, dialog and in some cases the user is presented with choices.
All of the keyframes in the inserted image represent scenes, and there is code (see below ) associated with each that controls what is displayed in the scene.
I would like to insert scenes in the sequence, is it possible to insert a scene somewhere in the sequence (in the image) and have every subsequent scene shift over accordingly?
If so, will the associated code renumber itself so it is still associated with the same scene?
If not, is there any way to insert code for a new scene and have the subsequent code renumber itself?


_this.sceneTypes1 = 1;

_this.sceneTypes2 = 1;

_this.sceneTypes3 = 2;
_this.speaking3 = [" Text message."];

_this.sceneTypes4 = 2;
_this.speaking4 = ["Text message."];

_this.sceneTypes5 = 3;
_this.dicision5 = ["Yes", "No"];
_this.decisionResults5 = [6,7];

_this.sceneTypes6 = 1;

_this.sceneTypes7 = 2;
_this.speaking7 = ["Text message."];