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Thread: Using Adobe Flash getCamera() for Vision System Machines

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    Using Adobe Flash getCamera() for Vision System Machines

    For a sorting machine I've designed, I am trying to decide which language to learn again to write the vision system. OpenCV is popular on c++ and java, but my algorithm isn't going to be all that complicated and I LOVE FLASH. Also, getting compilers to work for c++ is proving to be annoying.

    Question 1
    Can i just buy any basic webcam and get access to it in Adobe Flash? A few years ago, I made an app for my old droid phone that got access to and displayed the camera, but it was buggggggyyyyy. I just want to use a cheap webcam for practice, later I'll buy a more "lab grade" camera.

    Question 2
    Am I going to have to learn a ton of electrical engineering and computer engineering to turn/flip a circuit on/off with flash or is there a more plug and play option available?

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    Yeah you can access the webcam, I used getcamera and an ane to turn on the l.e.d on the device. You can make the ane on java or download one online, you don't really need to lay hands on c++ and yeah you basically need to learn how to build a whole phone if you want to access the circuit your way.

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