How long do you guys forget your ex and be ready for a new relationship?
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Thread: How long do you guys forget your ex and be ready for a new relationship?

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    Unhappy How long do you guys forget your ex and be ready for a new relationship?

    Hi You guys! I just want to ask how long for you to for get Ex-girlfriend and be ready for a new relationship?
    My Exgf and me broke up five months ago, i am still not ready for a new one...
    The feeling like don't want to love somebody at the moment - boring. My job (sales dept.) is 8-10 hours day.
    As you were in my case, how long was it for you?
    Any experience to share how to refresh your mind off boring feeling?
    Many thanks.

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    Everyone is different... For me, the length of time to forget is relative to the time together.

    You need to find ways to be happy with life without a partner. As the experts say: "Fill your own cup up first."
    "Vegetarians live up to nine years longer than the rest of us...Nine horrible, worthless, baconless years."

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    Girlfriend? Ooo u mean gao feng, I usually forget about my gao feng for upto a week but when i need to access something remotely on android thats usually my go to app

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    it seem you have many long term partner alloy, way to go man.

    some time you may never forget too, other time you might think why did i in the first place, as boss say, all different.

    but plenty more sea round the fish

    alloy, why you use the ssh app, gao feng is chinese football player

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    but plenty more sea round the fish
    yes, the number of people on this planet escapes my imagination. WWII estimated death toll is like ~80 millions over ~5 years, making it 16 millions per year. now, imagine if you could kill that many per day, it would still take well over a year to wipe all the humankind.

    and then half of them are females. what are the chances that there is no someone better than your exgf out there?
    who is this? a word of friendly advice: FFS stop using AS2

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    I'm ready as soon as we say it's over. Waiting just adds to waiting and then you start feeling insecure and then people start romanticizing the past from what never was nor would have been. Go out there and have yourself a rebound. Don't expect that it will last If it doesn't that's fine you've proven that you can attempt moving one.

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