I'm not sure anyone will be able to help here - I'm almost hoping the makers of the software see this - as it's now impossible to email them.

I'm a paying user of MDM Zinc 4.0 - which was stopped being worked on in 2014. But I still need it to create single file standalone exe files from swfs.

I had to format my pc - and I downloaded the drm free version of zinc from the website - but it won't accept my serial number - like it is almost still trying to contact their (now non-existent) server. This is something the drm free version is supppsed to disable.

Are there any users of this software still? Has anyone been able to get their serial number working with the drm free version?

After spending $400 on Zinc - I don't want to have to buy any other swf to exe software - when most of them aren't updated.

Is there any way to package a swf to an exe without flash player being needed in Adobe animate itself?

Thanks for reading! (It's a rant from 4 hours trying to get software to install that clearly doesn't want to install!)