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Thread: HTML5 vs Flash

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    HTML5 vs Flash

    While I was here on the forum, I thought I would like to talk about something I have noticed.

    When HTML5 first came about or at least showed that there would be a new transition to use it instead of Flash, I was hesitant. Then it seemed to make sense later on. Such as being plugin-less and it's performance was getting close to what I was use to seeing in Flash. I find that to be no longer the case and here's why...

    While there is no plugin to update anymore, you still have to update your browser if there's any new features and/or bug fixes. That being said, not all browsers support all the same features nor do they share the same performance. Some browsers either load the HTML5 faster or playback the content better than other browsers. I'm finding more delays in HTML5 and I'm not sure if it's the format (many files) or the way it was created by the user.

    Flash on the other hand is a contained format that could be compressed into a single file. It also loaded fairly quick usually via a progress bar. The performance was the same on any single computer and on any browser that computer used due to its plugin based architecture. Therefor, all file formats such as images and audio files were equally compatible due to its plugin design and not based on the developments of multiple browser companies.

    To sum this all up. I think we may have gone backwards technology-wise. There are other things I could list if I were to think about it but I'm sure we are all aware. While there are going to be pros and cons for each format, I still find that Flash is superior in 2017. What are your thoughts on this?
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