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    izo game script

    Hey, so alot of you have wanted to see the iso games script so here it is I can finally show it, it has security, multiplayer, rpg inventory features, clothes changer, armor changer, server saves your profile logs you in with your items and inventory, sitting down, mod builder, friendlist, inventory combining to create items, isometric stacking upto 8-10 items high, pretty much an unlimited map depending on the number you put but i like to keep it at 3k*3k, resources never get higher everything loads and unloads as you walk including players, paypal payments api pretty much everything an isometric mmorpg could ever use all in one script but I don't have the server script on this desktop and you wont be able to login unless you can figure out what the socket needs in the code and im pretty mad I can't get it running on armhf v7 linux machines so next im going to try to rewrite it all in javascript and compare the performances flash probably wins because I got some of the most efficient code on this forum or it could be a par, this script is as3 3.2+ air to run it works on desktop/android/iphone/ipad/android tablets/mac I use cs6. And the code was to long to paste here :P 5k+ lines here it is:


    people on this forum that helped make the script or had code online that helped me understand it in no order:
    tonypa (I ported your path finder and changed it alot but its in here)
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