Hi, a lot of us that have made mobile device applications are really happy things are going smooth but we are wondering why we are not earning a salary in the hundred thousands range at the very least, and all of the other very simple 2d video games on the showcase seem to have 1million + downloads. I think those listings on the store are very inaccurate and before we decide to completely let go of those mobile devices we should attempt to make a physical swf storage device that you plug in to the device to play and than on the store, have a free listing of the swf container designed with the adobe air usb reading ane that will load the swf from the usb device via ser: https://ravigeek.wordpress.com/2010/...rom-adobe-air/

And than we just tell people we see in public, hey you know me and my development team made this device and it only costs $1 would you like to buy it? Honestly at that point it is your game, in a physical device, costs one dollar, you plug it in an iphone or android. Please vote on the idea so we can make it happen just say yes or no or some feedback.