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Thread: Image quality when viewing in Firefox?

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    Image quality when viewing in Firefox?

    Hi im building an app, the final version will be for mobile phones, but for now I add scenes and images, then publish and and review in the FF browser.

    Every time I work on the app, then publish and review, it seems like my images are displayed with less resolution. This suggests there might be some size limit, and in order to support more images it reduces the quality? Does this sound right? My fla file is currently 70 mb, and I'm only a 1/3 of the way done.
    Is there a hard size limit? Can it be increased? Thanks

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    Sounds quite large, but I'm sure you'll be Ok with that.
    you can change the image settings within the library, go to the library select an image and view its properties, you can choose jpg 100% or lossless png and also allow smoothing.

    it may take a while if you have many, but once you have done them all you can do it to each image as you import it.

    have you thought about loading the images externally as you go along using code, this will cut down your file size considerably.

    look into it, probably better in the long run.

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    thanks Fruitbead... I went in and checked the parameters for some of my images, I changed the setting from jpeg to png. But when I publish and view the project in Firefox the images still look grainy... should I should remove the images from my library and reload them? When the project was smaller and there weren't as many images they looked much better, it feels like there I am exceeding a limit somewhere, perhaps in firefox? Thanks

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