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    Well my main purpose being here started when I was in middle school until now that I am 23, and I kept my scripting a secret so that no one I knew personally would follow my path or compete when I released it so I was 7 years ahead thanks to the forum, but when I released the isometric game in ios/android/windows just recently, I found that no one I knew in person was going to care or buy any of my software for a dollar like wow really you go outside and half the time people have the android/ios devices out on someones application that they don't even know personally, so now what I will be doing is just finish up the isometric game and just play like a loner with my npc's and whoever see's the game advertised online and wants to join, atleast it didn't mislead anyone into following me and I even let them know I only made $2 in one of the months app sales and it doesn't even pay the $124 developer licenses. So now I am also working on g6 browser which is swf sites only under air:// protocol which will deprecate https:// and hopefully get lots of attention and engineers into leasing a domain name off my browser. I still see a lot of good and life saving things you can do with flash if you learn it but if a dollar is to much im not going to share much of the important findings I will make in the future and all that stuff will definitely only be made on a computer that I design the transistors myself and everything is safe, I already have a good formula to make transistors from hand.
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    Alloy, you NEED to do more research so you're not just stumbling along blindly. There is a LOT you need to learn and you can't just guess the right answers. The reason the .text section exists in PE files is historic. PE (portable executable) evolved from COFF (Common Object File Format) and sections of code in those files were stored in the .text section. The .data and .text section names came from assembly language conventions. It has nothing to do with actual "text". If you want to see what's in a PE file, grab a decompiler (like IDA Pro, PE Explorer etc) and they will allow you to disassemble the contents of the .text section from machine code into human readable assembly language. The Intel instruction set is pretty complicated and you're not going to get anywhere trying to figure it out without knowing the instruction set AND the way it's stored it inside the PE file. I can't just magically bestow all this knowledge on you, you just have to put in the time and effort to understand it.
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