I am pretty new to Flash. My project will be a mobile app, where users play a game and they go from one page to another by reading text and making choices. A programmer helped me set this up, but I am able to add the content.
Each page is a frame, where images and text are displayed along with decision boxes let them choose their path to the next frame.
There are now 200 pages, so I see on the timeline 200 frames - one for each page.
There is also a separate timeline of frames that control certain images that appear on the pages, and there are 200 frames in that timeline.
In the actions window, there is also code code that controls the decisions, every page has some code associated with it, and the code refers to the pages by number, 1 through 200.
So now I realize that I need to insert pages into the sequence.
As I see it, if I need a new page between 4 and 5, i would insert a blank frame into the sequence in both timelines, but then I'd need to go into the code page, add the code for my new page, but then re-number every subsequent page, and also renumber all the decisions that FWD users to other pages.
Is there an easier way? Like a function that would automatically renumber the pages?