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Thread: fruitbeard i am the capt ane now

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    Senior Member Alloy Bacon's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    This is about not having time not intelligence, lets say you made the iphone but didn't complete the charger circuit yet, and your daily work schedule was to packed to finish that charging circuit
    but if you did finish it, you can than sell it and make millions, otherwise not because no one will buy an unfinished phone, but hey you have alloy bacon that can make a
    not so perfect charging circuit for it, but gets the job done. Now you are rich and can leave your job.

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    Senior Member Alloy Bacon's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    fruitbeard looking to capable to be hired by someone anyways, next thing you know you show up with some script that reads channels in your brain with an adobe native extension circuit connected to your brain and than you make a robot move its arms from what your brain signals you and preserve a brain forever in a jar and than you live happily ever after forever and ever the end.
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    Oct 2011

    No thanks Alloy, you best keep making things for yourself until you become rich.

    I suspect you have a wonderful job using your superfluous coding skills combined with creativity, flare and lashings of zest.

    Keep up the good work babes and have a fantastic day too, ciao

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