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    What do you do for a living?

    Broke lurker here with massive debt trying to switch profession, tired of working degrading shift job.

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    Most Flash developers are now JavaScript developers.

    Me? I'm a professional do nothing

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    What's the point in reading about what others are doing for a living? Switch to a profession that you're passionate about and do that, or become a degenerate like us at AlphasCCards subreddit

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    Yeah gerbick, I started doing javascript only sites, who would write all those nodes by hand.. I wrote the nodes out when I was just understanding html and any scaling of the site would make it all glitch, but I still think flash is faster.

    Bling on the freelancer section of flashkit I left a task that you can do and earn $10.

    Right now I am investing so later on I can get people who know flash to sell there content as a cartridge based game for this handheld circuit I am designing. I still need to learn exactly what the flash runtime needs to run alone on a chip for the circuit, here is a video of some of the first circuit cuts I've made.

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    I'm a freelance web developer.

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