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    Need Html5 animations created by KoolMoves or KoolShow

    Unfortunately our web site's gallery page is mainly populated with Flash animations that were created many years ago. We need Html5 animations (or AVI, MP4, animated GIF, or slideshows) for the gallery page. The obvious advantage to you is that your animation/web site will receive added exposure. Of course, the animations must have been created using KoolMoves or KoolShow.

    You can post links here but I will also need an email with your name so I can give you credit. The email will also serve as permission to post your animation.

    Obviously not every animation submitted will make it onto the gallery page.

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    Hello Bob! It's been a while but I had an idea. Sorry if anything I state has already been done. As I haven't used KoolMoves or Show in some time. Still on XP.

    Has the Bone Tool been updated recently? I remember having minor issues with it in the past. I would have to load up KoolMoves to remember what that was. If so or not... If one can use the bone tool to animate a character or just do "cut-out" style animation, exporting a sprite sheet or strip would be cool. Granted you wouldn't want to export a large amount of fps to a sprite strip/sheet. So a pop-up window asking what to reduce to would be handy. Like export my 24fps animation to 10 frames or something.

    This would not only add a new feature, if not already available but also target an audience of game developers. Those looking for a nice program to create animated characters or objects for their games. Plus add more keywords for your website to grab more searches.

    Side note. I noticed the "Gallery" button on your website is at the bottom. It took me a minute to find it. Maybe intentional for now? Until you get newer content? I will see if I can work up something in the version of KoolShow that I have.

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