Hello everyone, i been working for a past few weeks on a project for my spare time,
i wanted to create one of those Survival mmorpg games that there is, where you can farm trees and build your self from ground up.

so far, i got few things done:
- Fluid UI
- PHP, ActionScript3 communication for login/Register
- Picking a character screen
- also made some my own physics engine to work with (after you done the register and Create Character menus you will be inside a game)
- Physics for Ground, Platform detection
- Jumping and go down one level of platform.

if you guys interested in my code or how i got those stuff done, i can release the fla file for you.

Note that when you register, please do NOT use your own password because the passwords are not encrypted yet.
you can pick Male/Female and start bouncing in the game.


also at later stages, i would like to add some sound effects/music and custom character assets. (don't look at the current assets, i just found them somewhere, not sure if it's legal to use though) but i still using them just for tests..

please tell me what you guys think about this game im working on, did you like the idea?