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Thread: I have a question

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    I have a question

    Hi. I'm just curious and think that's an appropriate place to post this. Is it possible to make a game like this on flash and is worth trying to in 2019? Thanks.

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    Depending on skill you can probably make any game with flash. You just have to be aware of any limitations that any properly sandboxed app that you'll see online. The application version will have fewer limitations. Stuff like networking and file saving are where you might have problems.

    Just making a card game and saving using a cookie will be simple. If it's worth trying is another issue. It depends, if you want to work on a small project then it shouldn't be an issue. Adobe is looking to stop supporting flash by the end of 2020. I'd expect it to still keep working for a while but it'll become one of those things that users will have to seek out to be able to use.

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    A card game is very simple and I can even write you a small version if you show me the logic behind how the card game is supposed to work, you can than publish it for ios/android and windows/mac desktops. Uploading it to the app stores might not be worth it unless you are willing to build your store reputation for a few years and hand out business cards with the application on it until your analytics start to show a more continuous growth in sales, on the other hand a very complex card game built with paypal support so users can gamble real money/multiplayer might sell better but if you are a beginner you are approximately 7-8 years away from adding those types of features seamlessly. I stopped selling apps on the store it is really hard to make just a couple of sales and I never advertised passed youtube/social media or built my reputation to have a big audience.

    Id stay on flashplayer though, when you become very advanced level you can even program the camera to detect your own custom physical cards to help your game be something more physical and sellable, for example, unlock a rare card for the game by scanning the card with the camera phone is one idea.
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