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Thread: WIN $25 ---3D flash player arcade machine-- competition

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    WIN $25 ---3D flash player arcade machine-- competition

    Design an arcade machine similar to the old bulky screen joystick based arcade machine except a futuristic version with a slim form factor slim screen and sleek design, prize for a good design posted below #1 : $25,

    All other postings that didnt make it will win $2

    Deadline: feb 1 2020

    Payouts through paypal.

    You must post 4 angles to view each side of the flash player arcade machine and show any flash player logo at the center screen.

    Its for a potential future flash player based arcade that is absolutely free and gives the players real 1 cent coins they can find in the game that get transferred to the players paypal instantly and that is only a small part of what the MMO game consists of.
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