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Thread: gotoAndStop problem with expressions

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    Could someone please tell me if this is possible, it worked fine in Flash 4.

    I am trying to use gotoAndStop with an expression as the target frame. I want the target frame to be a frame number.

    It seems if you tell F5 to goto a frame number, it cannot be an expression, and if you tell it to gotoAndStop on an expression it trys to see it as a frame NAME not NUMBER.

    If I name the frames with numbers (just 1-whatever) and use an expression it works, but I don't want to have to name every frame of the movies I'm using.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    Flash 5 needs a little help with numbers
    "gotoframe" is a varible to wich i assign the frame i want it to go to.

    on (release) {
    No prob

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