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Thread: new to photoshop

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    um... how can i draw a box. Just a basic box, or possibly the outline of a box. I am new to photoshop. sorry if I offended anyone.

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    there are many ways but for tutorials u can look the following urls for newbies


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    Hey, getyourbiglobster!

    Hey, we all have to start somewhere -- better than acting like you know what your talking about -- ahem -- I won't mention any usernames specifically. . .

    Anywho, there's really a number of ways (just like everythig in PS) to do it. Let's see:
    You could use the "line" tool and simple draw each side of the box. Be sure to hold down the shift key to keep it perfectly straight.
    You could use the pen tool and do the same thing, except connecting all of your points, go to "paths" and select "stroke path" and using the tool and color and brush width of your liking.
    You could also use the marquee tool, draw the outline of your box, fill it with color, keeping the selection (marching ants) active, go to selection>modify>contract, select number of pixels, and delete that selection from the previous fill.
    Similarly, and if you really want to get into being a "real" PS user, you could create your box using pretty much the same method but in "channels" instead of on a layer. To make a selction out of a channel, just cntrl/cmmd click on the channel -- same goes for layers.

    There's a ton of tuts and resources out there, but I hope this helps.

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    [Devil in DarkGreen]

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    practicing every tool every day
    using every color to see what about it
    trying every effect to look differents
    now,you are not a newbie ...


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    yeah, yeah, I'm practicing. It's quite a bit different than fireworks, etc. I keep trying to select things and move them around. Sort of frusrating-> then I just fire up fireworks and do what I need in a fraction of the time.

    Thanks for the help everybody.

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