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Thread: calling all moderators and members.

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    O.K this message is a very important and I want all the moderators,flashkit members, to read this document and take a desicion.
    Flashkit as you all know has got approximately 4423 members (and that is quite a number) who visit this site and download movies,sound, and play a very keen role in the flashkit board. I myself a member am proud of being part of this big community.
    Now to the main point...
    You see since flashkit is a resource wherein members can develop their skills why not make a Flashkit Competition Board ? where users can play an active role in making cool web templates in flash and posting in this board and also the winners are posted and given some certificate or something which will prove to others he is something.
    The are a lot of benefits:-
    1.It would allow all the members to use their creative juices to make wonderful flash pages.
    2.The best design can be put up in the board so that members can download and make good use of the design also keeping in mind the copyright one can at the least take ideas.
    3.It would also allow web design companies to employ or give projects to the winners.
    4.It would allow thos who are living in other countries such as the United Arab Emirates,India,etc to participate.
    5.It would also allow students to participate and to prove that they are also in some level in designing.
    Well the list goes on...
    I as a member think this would be a good idea foe flashkit as well as the members.
    If you think the same please vote here. I hope will do so.
    I will finish my message from Pope de Flash:
    "Macromedians 1:1

    In the beginning the web was without shape and color, and the hype covered the darkness of the net. Then there was a Flash and life came to the web and vision became reality."
    do not forget to vote.

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    Thumbs up

    Don't know if anyone else is going to vote, since i am the first.

    But i think it would be more appropriate to email the moderators with these kind of idea's.

    What if this would be a bit HIT and every member would want such a service

    This idea can cause a lot of work and can be really time consuming, time that could be used to keep the site up to date "as is".

    Why not ask the moderators and see what they think about it and let them decide if this is what's comming up next.

    Nevertheless like the idea.
    I'll vote "YES"

    Kind regards from a newbie

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