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    Hi everybody.

    For testing a plugin-detector, I need to disable or uninstall the flash-plugin from IE5. Can someone tell me
    how to do that ???

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    have you tried putting it in the trash can, the whole folder I mean? When you put anything in there, the pc will will not "see" it as such. Then you can just restore folder when your done.
    Hope this works!

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    Hi Jensen,

    I just done a search at http://www.macromedia.com and got the following answer.

    How to uninstall the Flash plug-in and ActiveX Control for testing detection schemes
    Product: Flash
    Platform: All
    Versions: all

    This TechNote explains how to remove the Flash Player temporarily in order to test Player detection schemes. In Netscape and Internet Explorer on Macintosh, the Flash Player is implemented as a browser plug-in. In Internet Explorer on Windows, the Flash Player is implemented as an ActiveX Control. Each implementation of the Player has a different uninstallation procedure.

    To remove the Flash plug-in do the following: 1 Quit the browser.
    2 Locate the browser application folder on your hard drive.

    3 Locate the Plug-ins folder inside the browser application folder.

    For example, C:\Program Files\Netscape\plugins\ (Windows), HD:Applications:Netscape:Plugins (Macintosh), or /usr/bin/Netscape/plugins/ (Linux or Solaris). Exact location of plug-ins folder may vary.

    4 Locate the Flash plug-in:
    On Windows, the Flash plugin is named NPSWF32.dll.
    On Macintosh, it is called Shockwave-Flash-NP-PPC or Shockwave-Flash-NP-68.

    On Linux and Solaris the Flash Player consists of two files: libflashplayer.so and ShockwaveFlash.class.

    5 Move the plug-in file(s) to a folder in another location such as a folder called "Plug-in_Test" on the desktop.

    Note: To uninstall Flash Player completely simply delete the file(s).

    6 When you are finished testing, copy the plug-in file(s) back into the browser's Plug-ins folder.

    To remove the Flash ActiveX Control do the following: 1 Follow the steps in How to remove the Flash ActiveX Control (TechNote 12727).

    Note: The Windows Run program saves each command used in a pop-up menu which makes it easy to uninstall the control for future tests.

    2 To reinstall the control when you are finished testing go to the Flash Player download center.



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    1000 thanks for the quick help.
    Just needed to delete swflash.ocx
    Then the IE5 couldn't show flash.What puzzles me thou is, why I couldn't download a plugin from MacroMedia without using my windows cd-rom. (!)
    But thanks anyway

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