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Thread: Flash Interfaces......Aww man....

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    Flash Interfaces......Aww man....

    Ok, well, i've always had a problem with Flash interfaces, i mean, i've been making flash sites and stuff for a while, but i could never make a decent background for a flash site. for example, Eric Jordans site, but then again, he's really good at flash, but when you first enter his site, i wanted to know, how do you make backgrounds like that? i've been trying to do them in FLash, No luck, i've tried it in Photoshop 6, some luck, but still not good enough, and i've tried it with 3D Studio Max 3.1, and R2 at a friends house, and still no real luck , i tried mixing them together, but it looks....weird . I personally have an idea on what it's going to look like, but i can never get it to look how it's supposed to. Well here's my question if you haven't already figured it out, How do you make those AMAZING backgrounds??

    can someone help?
    well if someone can, it's very appreciated! =D

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    i hear you !! A nice background can add so much to your site. I personnally do most of my stuff in Freehand - and then optimise within Flash.

    There are some fla here to down load of interfaces that will give you an idea and also some design resources that I go to:

    http://www.teamphotoshop.com/ (great photoshop tuts there)




    Dont be afraid to experiment -all it takes is practice - esp since you know what youre trying to achieve - Also post some of your stuff in site check for some feeback .

    Good luck

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    All the beautiful backgrounds are made from: imagination, creativity, talent, experimenting, and many many days, weeks, months, striving towards finding a particular style that comes from your mind-not one that is dictated by the looks of other sites.


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