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Thread: My wish: Flash Open Source Project Groups (FOSPG)

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    Hi everyone,

    please let me know how you feel about the following idea that's been in my mind for a long time.... (please don't blame me my bad english expressions).

    As you all know, the flash community is a very open source minded group, and I would like to extend that positive behavior. I've been interested in building navigation menus for a while and I've seen several open source dhtml-menu websites; I want to do something with a flash navigation menu. To explain my idea's about Flash Open Source Project Groups (FOSPG), I'll use my foldOutMenu as example .

    Everyone can post his own cool .fla files here at flashkit. And I really like the most of them. I've also posted some .fla files and noticed that people were very very interested in them. They asked for new features in the files, and sometimes I could help them with it. But I don't have the time or the skills to fullfill all of them . But I also heard from people that they did modifications and additional codings themselves and that they really improved my original files.

    That's all great, and I think that we all would like to see what they did, don't we? And why don't all those additional coders / developers get together and discuss about what they did to help each other and to make one big final .fla file with all the features they want in it?

    I guess you feel where I want to go; a place where we all work together to finally have our perfect .fla file, free to use; Flash Open Source Project Groups (FOSPG)!

    Back to my example (the Fold Out Menu). What I would like is that everyone can post his own wishes for that file (database driven, drag-and-drop functionality etc etc), and that other people can read those wishes and try to build them in the .fla files.
    There need to be some guideliness and "additional coding policies" for the developers, so there's a history of what has happened to the .fla. And I would like a good explanation of how the configuration of the .fla works, etc etc. But the goal is to work together, and put the .fla files up to a higher level.

    How do you think about this?
    Is this wishfull thinking, or could we realize such Flash Open Source Project Groups (FOSPG)?

    Any ideas, dreamings and opinions are welcome....


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    good idea!
    I really want that to happen
    what kind of .fla files?
    game engines/mini game engines?
    (me == game designer)
    me + your idea =
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