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Thread: professional webdesign: Fireworks vs. Photoshop

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    Photoshop is just a killer programme - aint nothing u can't do with Photoshop!


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    I will have to agree with all my photoshop buddies. Photoshop is the standard in the graphics industry. Macromedia is definately coming up fast... but with Photoshop 6's vectoring support, Adobe just made another huge step in front of Macromedia for a program with all-round capabilities. I, myself us Freehand 9 and Photoshop 6 back to back for my compositions. Macromedia is setting the standard for the web, i.e. UltraDev, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Freehand. But, I will stay with my Photoshop for graphics. Plus... all the third-party filters are unsurpassed!

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    Photoshop 6 is the graphics program of choice

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    Photoshop is the standard, but to be a true graphics wizard one should be able to use (if not master) Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and Freehand...

    My poor computer goes thru all 4 of these a number of times when I work on different projects...

    Although there seems to be a consensus on Photoshop bieng a standard but, mastering all of the tools (and the intricacies of each), and knowing the weaknesses and strenghts of each will only prove to out wit your competition...

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    I use Photoshop exclusively. I get so tired of all the Macromedia Fireworks snobs! =]



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