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    I'm new to Flash/but not webdesign/using Flash 5/not very
    much vector art at all: instead, I want simple images to fade in (effect:brightness) and then move about, then fade out...I thought I was smart to USE FIREWORKS 3 and export my images as PNG-8's, 256 color to get great res without File size.

    Here's my question: When you click on an Item in the Library, you can "test" it: there's 2 choices: Jpeg or LossLess PNG..so I choose PNG. It crunches down, no loss of image quality and I'm happy.

    But now that I've found Mulitple Movies are better than Multiple Scenes, I'm still getting unopenable files and freezes with just a few scenes of PNG's movin around.

    3 people (not here) told me I have to modify the PNG's into vector art...but that makes em look like **** and the LIbrary even HAS A SETTING for pngs....

    AM I WRONG TO THINK PNG's (not the huge ass FIreworks Native Format PNGs, but the exported small ones) Are Good for flash?

    Hmmmm. Thanks Amucho, -you read this far, any idea?

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    FireWorks LOVES Flash 5 and vice versa, so your problem shouldn't be with your png's. Try looking at the format of the problem movies it could be a problem with your actionscript or other.. I couldn't tell you without more info.. I know how ever that Flash 5 was built for FireWorks.. I am stuck with Adobe Photoshop and Flash loves to **** with my graphics anyway.. pngs should work no differently than jpgs in your movie so the problem is somewhere else.. vector graphics are only useful for line art,clip art, ect... so in other words.....

    NO you were not wrong to think png's are cool.. your problem is most likely something else..

    I hope this helps


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