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Thread: menu prob

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    hi again, my problem is that i have a menu in the top left hand corner and i want a window to pop up in the top right hand corner (approx) when an option is choosen in the menu. how can i do this, and also so that the pop up box is a "drag" box???

    another thing im trying to do is that when you press link2 for example, link1 fades, or disappears....the idea is to have just one pop up box up at a time....

    if you can find the time to help, it would be gr8!!!

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    In your main timeline you would have a couple of frame labels (let's say menu, pop1, pop2, etc.). Now at each of these points in the timeline you would have your menu set up and the individual movie clips that would do what you want these pop up windows to do. In other words if you want them to fade in or out you would create those sequences in the movie clips themselves using labels with stop actions to stop the playback head where you want it. Setting them up to be draggable is simple enough, just use the background for the pop up window - make it a button and give it a drag movie clip action.
    Now, the actions in the buttons would refer to labels in the movie clips through tell target actions.
    THere you go.
    I had originally done a similar thing on my own site but wound up changing it to reduce file size and processor requirements. That's at http://home.earthlink.net/~hkaplan724/ .
    Hope this helps.
    Any other questions let me know.

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