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    I exported my file and it is like 470k. How do I resize my canvas so that it is not so big. Steve

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    Your 3D file has to do with how may polygons are in the file and the type of fill you use. If you want to reduce the file size then you need to use flat fills or outlines only. The larger the model, the more detail the more polygons you will have making the file grow. A key element is to remove and use only the nessary parts for animation. Limit the motion. You still have to think things out with 3D it just got easier to render the images. Regards, Bill

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    Thanks, Bill,
    I had previously tried to drop the number of polygons, didn't seem to help, but I ended up messing around with some of the fills. Maybe it is possible that Swift3d and Flash get together and discuss the possibility of a built in Compression Utility within both products that would work hand in hand with each other. If the topic comes up with some of the erain guys, it may be something that would be worth mentioning, your the Pope, its your choice. By the way thanks for beig nice to me when I first cam to Flashkit, it helped immensely. Have a great time at FF2000, looking forward to meeting you someday. Steve

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    Bill's advice is very solid. I think his comment about limiting motion is excellent. I've had very good results from breaking animations into component parts and then compositing them in flash (like compositing for effect in film).

    There is more work involved, but it allows you to optimize parts of your scene that involve little or no motion (but are redrawn every frame when rendered from Swift3D).

    You can also easily mix shading algorithms with this approach, using the type of shader that is most appropriate for each component of the animation.

    Bill is right on - you still have to think things out. Only the drawing got easier

    If you e-mail me your .SWF or post it on the web where it can be viewed, I would be happy to make more specific recommendations.

    Best of luck to you!

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