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Thread: resizing? very strange... is there a way?

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    hi've been designing a site and i have a section that has a very long vertical image. it scrolls in the movie. anyway.. when i go to edit the movie clip the image is off of the canvas... but flash only lets me go so far.
    so i cant get to the bottom and i want to add to the design..... i tried movie properties and resized that.. but i didn't think that would work.. i'm probably jsut being dumb.. but some help would be great.

    thanks in advance

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    I relate.
    I had, in my previous site created a portfolio section where I had thumbnail size images of my pieces scrolling vertically by the movement of the mouse. Tangent.

    At any rate the problem I ran into everytime I wanted to change the pieces or work on the movie clip that scrolled was that I had to drag the whole damn thing up and down because the size of it far exceeded the work area in flash.

    Basically that's what you have to do, just drag the sucker. Don't worry about losing items that go off the work area and are not visible. Just make sure that you select all when you want to move things back or forth.

    Hope this helps.

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    yeah.. i knew i might have to do that... i just hate having to move everything because i have them placed so that theor resigtration points are in specfici positions. what i ended up doing was copying and pasting them in place on the main stage, which seems to allow more workarea. then did alterations and pasted them back. they're must be a better way.. if therre isn't looks like something they should toss into flash 6.

    thanks for the reply

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