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    Ok i creating a image in 3D Studio MAX R3. I exported the image in .3ds format. . . .from there i opened up Vecta 3D and opened up the .3ds file i saved from 3D studio MAX R3 and my image was messed up with the parts all over the place what did i do wrong?

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    Hi Steve!

    You may have done nothing wrong.

    Have you tried Swift3D (at least the trial version)? If Swift3D imports and correctly renders the scene, then you have a problem with Vecta. If you send me the .3DS file, I can run this check for you. I can also render it with the Vecta3D-MAX plug-in if that would be of interest to you.

    Good luck!

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    I think i may have saved it wrong . . .how would i go about saving it? Like gimmi a step by step tutorial with what menus to go to. . .thanks

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    File | Export

    default type should be .3DS (under 'Save As Type'). After you select a file name and click on 'Save', you should see a dialog box that says,

    'Preserve MAX's Texture Coordinates'. The default is checked - should not make a difference for your application. Click on 'OK.'

    You should be able to reset MAX (File | Reset) and import (File | Import) your .3DS file into the new scene. That will verify that you saved the file correctly.


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    Thumbs up no problem vecta sucks

    Sorry to have to break it to you, but Vecta 3D sucks. I have it, I know. What you are describing is normal sucky Vecta behavior. You have done nothing wrong, Vecta is just, once again I reiterate, SUCKY!
    I myself am thinking of buying Swift 3D, but I have the trial and it is a lot slower and has some little mistakes too.
    So, I just say, stop with all the damn 3d Flash crap. At least until someone comes out with a good renderer.


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