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Thread: Who reads Cre@te Online?

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    Samuel C. Granato
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    Originally posted by phooka
    BTW, who liked the article about how videogaming could affect the way we design? It honestly made me go ballistic!
    I read that twice only because I love video games and design--I don't know if playing them deepens a designers instictive understanding of interactive media. But I do believe that the gaming industry will eventually go on-line and media agencies are going to be looking for many Flash game developers who understand navigation and can produce new forms of content.


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    yep, i read it, but i have to shell out the big bucks since i live in the US and Barnes and Nobles charges out the yin-yang for it, any other americans get a subscription yet?!? i ask cuz i wanna get it but i cant do the pounds to dollar conversation, plus who do you call in the states to get a subscription. any info would be great.


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    Hunt, Michael
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    Sep 2000
    great magazine, I subscribed a few months ago but it takes ages to get it because I am based in England and get it sent to my home but am working in Dublin, Ireland for the forseeable future so have to get it forwarded or pick up a pile when I pop back now and again!!!!!

    I suppose I should get it sent here. humph, more money though!

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    Ah hah! Chapters here in Ontario has it. THey carry every bok and magazine imaginable. Very nice

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    Originally posted by phooka
    I prefered another article, one that refered to how web designs could improve by taking some guidelines from videogaming...
    Yeah, some very good ideas in that article. I especially liked the idea of a reward system. Surf the site more and collect rewards which open up secret areas etc. I suppose it is obvious that we get ideas from game designers, they have been around since the dark ages whereas web design is quite a newish industry. I have been suscribing from issue1 and got a special deal coz already suscribe to 3 future publishing mags. Anyone buy computer arts or computer arts special ?

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    I really like Cre@te Online...The interviews are very good, and you get some pretty interesting sites reviewed...
    I would like to see more articles about designers not living in the UK,though...Too much is concentrated on british design, and although good, you have some pretty amazing people other places in the world as well!

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    Austrian Superstar
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    After reading all your positive comments about this mag, I subscribed!
    I can't wait til receiving the first issue!

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    Too drunk to remember...
    Computer Arts is another gr8 magazine. Though it's more inthe way of new programmes, like Photo 6, etc... It gives you tutorials on Flash, Maya, everything - Pretty dam good btw


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