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    Real quick wahts a KPT vector ? im sorta new at this i understood all but that one part? do you have a website too? anyways thanks for the help. Later

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    Where did you find this??

    KPT vector. what are you talking about?

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    KPT = Kai's Power Tools ???

    That is the only reference I have to "KPT", which is a very powerful set of plugins for Photoshop. Easy to use yet difficlut to correctly learn. I think I mastered the KPT GEL plug in but hang my head in shame on using the others.
    What did you see KPT in reference to?

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    KPT vector

    Your answer. I am an owner of KPT5 photoshop plug-ins. The plugins use x and y coordinates just like much of geometry and enything else using a lot of math. Basically it is notheing more than a vector. It is called a KPT5 vector simply because the plugin set uses it. Nothing more. Have a nice day.

    Jake Knight

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