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Thread: How does this chap do this effect in Photoshop?

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    Evening folks (well, it's 20:50pm in England anyway).

    Just looking at a wallpaper in the gallery of FK and I would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on how the designer has got the layer with the grid on and managed to have the grids fading from full transparency on the r.h.s to zero transparency on the l.h.s.

    The image URL: http://www.flashkit.com/gallery/Flas...73/index.shtml



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    for the grid I would say draw it... not a real big deal, the transparency effect would probly be done using gradient layers (that how I do it) if u want I'll send u a src file with that kind of effect...



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    If you're talking about photoshop then its real easy...
    Make the grid...
    then add a layer mask that has reveal/hide all attached to the grid layer...
    then just make a gradient in the way you want your grid to fade in the layer mask

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    easy way to make a grid: create a new channel. use the selection tool to make a square the size you want the grid to be. fill that in with white. Now, with the selection tool, press down and right on the keyboard once each. now press the delete key. press up and left on the keyboard now. go to edit-->define pattern or something like that.

    now, delete what you have on the channel. Take your paintbucket and fill with the pattern. now, press select+left click on the channel in the layer window. what that does is select all of the white grid.

    Now, on the picture you want the grid, fill using the selection with whatever color you want. To make it blend like that, the easiest way in my opinion would be to take the eraser tool and erase away what you don't want. just make sure that you are putting the grid layer above the actual picture.

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