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Thread: Need comments on my frist flash site..

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    This is my frist try (and it's not yet complete) but the jest of it's there. There's no loading screen yet, but it shouldn't take too long. None of the menus work either yet, haven't done them. But I'd like comments and suggestions on the main part of it. I think there's still some minor tweaks left that I want to make, but would like to see what everyone else thinks.

    http://www.towpc.com/ --> click on the TOWPC Flash Test.

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    my advice would be to start again, take a look at gmunk.com and similar and try to better them, thats the only way to get noticed and survive (unless you want to stay third-rate)

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    I know for a fact that wasn't gmuck's first time attempt at making a flash site. And it still lacks the navigation of a good web site, expecially when you are trying to see your services. Any novice web user would go to that site, say nice graphic, but what the hell is this.

    Your on the other hand, have visible, ready to click links, or will once you have the final compeleted. I would however put a little more time into the design side of your site.

    1- add a skip intro button on your beginning intro.
    2- work on trying to make the starfield an animation like in star trek. You can find tutorials on making it.
    3- Spice up your links page a little more.

    It is a good start. Keep working w/ it and the more you do the more it will show.

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