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    Samuel C. Granato
    Multimedia Utopia

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    Jun 2000
    When is flashkit going to come out with cool stickers. I know it would be hard to distribute and cost you guys money..but maybe if you guys make a pdf logo for us to download and take it to printing shop. This I think would be a good way to spread the word and show member support.

    I can't speak for all 103002 of us, but I know I wouldn't mind spending a couple of bucks taking it to a print shop to get one sticker.

    BTW --Why not have a forum called "meet"? People can post meetings or events. This would be a good why to meet other Flashkit members. This is the main reason we started so we could meet face to face.

    Or have a list with information somewhere about other flash groups in your area.

    Just one thought that turned to many..

    Great job guys!


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    Jul 2000
    I think that the stickers idea is pretty cool. I also like the idea for a meet forum. I have yet to find anyone from Nebraska on this site! I think that I may be the only one. It would be nice to meet others.

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